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Susan Conyers
(816) 630-0752
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Application for City Board/Commission

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Board/Commission Position Sought

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Please check those statements below which apply:

U.S. Citizen
Citizen of the State of Missouri
City Resident for
City Taxpayer, Freeholder, Elector or Voter
Has demonstrated interest in community civic affairs, preservtaion of peace, safety, health and welfare.
Has an interest in funeral homes.
Licensed Plumber
Licensed Master Electrician
Registered Architect or Engineer
Five years experience in real estate
Five years experience in construction
Historian living in the community for at least 20 years.

Please state your qualifications for the position sought. Indicate your education or occupation or special trianing you may provide:

Missouri law prohibits appointment by a public officer or employee, of any close relative to any public office or employment.