Visit Excelsior Springs, MO, home of the world's greatest grouping of mineral waters

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Shannon Stroud
(816) 630-0752
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Pictured from left are Councilman Brent McElwee, Councilman Ambrose Buckman, Mayor Brad Eales, Mayor Pro-Tem Sharon Powell, and Councilwoman Sonya Morgan.

Welcome to Excelsior Springs!

On behalf of the City Council and the team of dedicated professionals who keep our city running, Welcome to Excelsior Springs!

Originally a resort town that catered to those seeking the legendary curative properties of our mineral water springs, Excelsior Springs is today re-awakening to a bright and exciting future. What will our community look like 20 years from now? That's for us to decide today! Beginning in 2008, we're designing a master plan called Vision 2028 that will be our road map into the future, and I invite you to be a part of it.

The process began in September with the first meeting of the Steering Committee that is guiding the development of Vision 2028. The Committee seeks to engage the entire community through focus meetings in which every one of you will be invited to discuss your wants, needs and expectations for our future. The newly-expanding Excelsior Springs Medical Center stands as a magnificent example of what can be accomplished with planning and dedication.

The City Council has already begun enlisting citizen involvement by re-establishing some previously abandoned Council Advisory Boards to help us determine the best use of the golf course and airport, as well as to optimize city finances. We're also creating some new boards to address the needs of senior citizens and to promote recycling and other community greening efforts.

Vision 2028 will resolve the fate of several initiatives that have been discussed for years, including the creation of a community center, the reopening of the mineral water wells, renovation of the Hall of Waters, connecting and extending the hiking and bike trails, and annexing additional land.

All of these worthy projects would bring rewards to our community and will also carry costs. With citizen support, they can and will come into being. So get involved, and let us know what your own Vision 2028 looks like! If you haven't been asked already, volunteer! Click here for a volunteer application. Then contact your elected City Council members or the City Manager, and we'll use your voice, talent and energy to build a better future.

Let's join together in designing the Excelsior Springs of tomorrow! So whether you are, just browsing our site or requesting a city service, a long time resident or a first time visitor... Welcome!