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Fire Chief:
Paul Tribble
1120 Tracy Ave.
Excelsior Springs, MO 64024
(816) 630-3000
Fax (816) 630-9530

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Vegetative Burn Permit
(disposal of debris)
Recreational Burn Permit
(bon fire, hot dog roast)
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The desire to serve, The ability to perform, The courage to act

Our Mission:
The Excelsior Springs Fire Department exists to provide fire, rescue and emergency medical services; these we do so others may live.

Our Vision:
Striving for Excellence, Rooted in Tradition!

Our Core Values: "A-V-I-D"
Accountability - Being responsible for your actions.
Versatility - Ability to always be prepared to do the job and adapt to all situations.
Integrity - Quality of good moral character by always being honest with yourself
and others.

Dedication - Loyalty to crew, community, and department.

The Excelsior Springs Fire Department is organized to provide fire and emergency medical service for the preservation of life and property. We educate our citizenry to keep them safe from the threat of fires, natural or man-made disasters and medical emergencies. We accomplish these tasks through planning, prevention, education, incident mitigation and the application of technology, while striving to maintain safe methods of operation.

• Fire suppression
• Advanced life support ambulances
• Hazardous materials mitigation
• Rescue services
• Vehicle collision extrication
• Tactical rescue
• Swift water rescue
• Trench rescue
• Collapse rescue
• Fire cause investigation
• Emergency preparedness (planning and operations)
• Fire safety inspections
• Fire code enforcement
• Public safety education
• CPR training

Public Access AED header

What is an AED?
An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a lightweight, portable device that automatically analyses heart rhythms and determines if a shock is needed. AEDs are easy to use, safe and effective.

Early defibrillation is the standard of care for adult victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Everyone who has a duty to respond to victims of sudden cardiac arrest should be trained and equipped to defibrillate. Thanks to technological advances leading to the development of the AED, this goal has become easier to achieve.

Why should I register?
Missouri and Kansas both require owners of AEDs to register with local emergency medical services so that emergency communications and medical services personnel may be aware of an AED placement within their jurisdiction.

If you or your organization places an AED within the City of Excelsior Springs, completing the MARC's AED registration form fulfills your obligation of notification.

Excelsior Springs also has rules and regulations regarding AED registration. We have provided copies of its AED Ordinance, Public Access Defibrillator Program and AED Usage Report to aid organizations in the implementation and maintenance of their AED program in the forms section above.

How can I get training?
Only people who are trained should operate AEDs of perform CPR. CPR and AED training classes are available through Excelsior Springs Fire Department. For information on CPR or CPR and AED training call Excelsior Springs Fire Department at (816) 630-3000.