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Melinda J. Mehaffy
Economic Development Director
201 E. Broadway
Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

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The overall appeal of Excelsior Springs as a community with unique historic qualities, excellence in health care and education, and ready labor market create an enviable market for commercial development. Although the population of Excelsior Springs is 10,000, the city serves an area of about 38,000 people.
Major Industries in Excelsior Springs, MO header
• American Italian Pasta Co.
• Magna Interior Systems
• Gilmour Group
• Excelsior Springs Seating
• Precision Technology
• EXT Plastics
• Dragon Distributing
• Waller Trucking Company
• The Elms Hotel & Spa

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Excelsior Springs is unique in that it lies within two counties -- Clay and Ray counties in northwest Missouri. Highway 69 runs north of Excelsior Springs, providing a corridor for residents of Lawson toward the Kansas City area. Highway 10 dissects Excelsior Springs, running through the historic downtown and creating a corridor for residents of Excelsior Springs, Wood Heights, Crystal Lakes and Rayville to the Kansas City area. Highway 210, which connects communities of Richmond and Lexington to Kansas City, lies east of Excelsior Springs. These corridors of traffic create a vibrant traffic flow through and around the City of Excelsior Springs.

Clay County Regional Airport, with a runway of 5,500-ft., provides for jet cargo aircraft. Clay County Airport is located on the Highway 69 corridor between Liberty and Excelsior Springs. Burlington and Norfolk Southern rail lines run parallel to this highway. Highway 69 provides quick access to Interstates 29, 35, 70 and 435 in less than 30 minutes. Seven barge lines operate on the Missouri River shipping channel, with eight docks in Clay County.

The City of Excelsior Springs maintains an airport on its east side, located in Ray County, which serves private planes. The Kansas City International Airport and Kansas City Downtown Airport are within 30 minutes drive.

Hunt Midwest's SubTropolis, the world's largest underground business complex located in Clay County, hosts one of the largest Foreign Trade Zone spaces in the United States. Under the authority of the Greater Kansas City Foreign Trade Zone, Inc., the site allows foreign goods to enter duty and quota free for an unlimited period of time.

Excelsior Springs has experienced healthy growth in its industrial base. There is a strong, local industrial base as well as a strong labor force of skilled and unskilled labor. Local employers describe their workers as being trainable and adaptable, displaying a team spirit, and having a good work ethic. Population growth contributes to the strength of the work force to meet the needs of new and expanding industries.

Commercial and Industrial Opportunities

Hall of Waters Historic District aerieal photo
69 Highway Business District aerial photo
The Hall of Waters Historic District, left, offers many opportunities for adaptive reuse of existing buildings, as well as residential lots for new development. The Northwest Business Corridor along 69 Highway is an attractive area for new commercial and industrial use. Pictured above, right, are Waller Trucking, Wal-Mart Super Center and The Vintage. Click on links for photo enlargements.

1 - The Central Business District contains the city's Hall of Waters Historic District and two commercial National Register Historic Districts. Most recent projects within the Central Business District include the redevelopment of the five-story Oaks Hotel for senior housing and a two-story commercial building on Broadway that allows for new retail and service space. Both buildings had been vacant and neglected for many years and both utilized historic tax credits for renovation.

2 - Highway 10 Business District - East
A small commercial district is located on the east edge of Excelsior Springs and includes a grocery store, gas station, restaurant and car wash.

3 - Highway 10 Business District - West
Crown Hill Shopping Center and Y Shopping Center are mature shopping districts with abundant parking and access from both Highway 10 and Crown Hill Rd. A small Industrial Park is located off Highway 10 and is home to EXT Plastics, Mediacom cable TV and phone service, and KEXS radio station. McCleary Rd. is the location of Excelsior Springs Seating Systems, a publicly held, subsidiary diversified automotive supplier, listed as one of the selected major employers in Clay County.

4 - Northwest Corridor
Located along Highway 69 and McCleary Rd., the northwest corridor includes a Wal-Mart Super Center, The Vintage commercial and service development on approximately 20 acres, and a major trucking company. Available tracts in this area as large as 282 acres hold market potential for developers. Recent improvements include a signal light at the entrance and the straightening of McCleary Road to accomodate better traffic flow to commercial and residential development began in May.

5 - Jesse James Rd. Business District
Redevelopment of Jesse James Rd. has resulted in expanded doctor's offices, new pharmacy and adaptive reuse of a large grocery store that had been vacant. There are 16 acres for development fronting both Highway 69 and Jesse James Rd. located in this area.

6 - North Corridor
Along Highway 69 and Italian Way there is a combination of good road and rail access for large-site users. This has been critical to American Italian Pasta plant, a grain-based food manufacturer located within the district. New headquarters for AmerenUE are also located in this area.

Click here for map enlargement of Industrial and Commercial Areas.

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