Code Enforcement Process

The City of Excelsior Springs is approximately ten and a half square miles. The city employees one code enforcement officer who’s primary job is to enforce property maintenance and nuisance codes or ordinances. Through this individuals work, they are preventing neighborhood deterioration, promoting sanitation, enhancing safety and preserving property values.

There are a number of ways you can take care of your personal property. This includes keeping your grass less than 8” in height, removing trash and brush piles from your yard, keeping your yard clear of junk and debris and not parking on your lawn. These are some of most common complaints we receive about personal property.

The City has just begun working in a grid system, utilizing census tracts, to concentrate efforts on an area for a period of four to six weeks. Additionally, we respond to calls and complaints lodged at our website ( from citizens as they are received. Citizens may contact our office with complaints and we will conduct code sweeps along the entire street to identify all issues in the area.

Perhaps the biggest complaint we receive is in the time it takes to see action taken. Once a complaint is received, we document the complaint by taking photos and send out a letter of notice about the violation. We must then wait ten days to allow the property owner to correct the violation. On the 11th day, we re-inspect the property and at that time if the violation still exists, we will be sending a summons to court. In the past as we have worked to get voluntary compliance, we have allowed for longer periods of time to elapse before taking action. We have heard from our citizens that they would like swifter action therefore we will being moving forward more quickly.