City Codes Keep the Community Safe & Beautiful!

  1. Parked Vehicles – Parking of cars and trucks is not permitted on grass and lawns. Recreational vehicles, hauling trailers or boats may be stored, on the basis of one (1) per family, in fully enclosed private garages, in paved driveways of single-family homes if parked behind the building line, or in rear or side yards of single-family homes behind the building line and no closer than six (6) feet to the adjoining lot line, if parked on a concrete, asphalt or paver block pad; provided no such recreational vehicle shall be used for permanent or semi-permanent residential purposes.
  2. Inoperable or Unlicensed Vehicles – Must be stored inside a fully enclosed garage or removed from the premises. For inoperable or unlicensed vehicles in the street, contact the Excelsior Springs Police Department at 816-630-2000.
  3. Waste Containers – All trash must be contained at all times. Waste containers may only be put out on the curb on designated trash collection days.
  4. Junk and Debris – Placing, causing, keeping, maintaining or permitting trash, garbage, rubbish, junk, decaying vegetable or animal matter, ashes, debris, appliances, fixtures, building materials, household objects, furniture, automotive parts or tires, textiles, boxes or crates, containers, yard waste or brush, manure, construction waste, glass, cardboard, noxious or filthy substances or any kind of waste materials, upon any premises in such manner and to such extent as to render the same unsightly, unclean or unsafe is not permitted.
  5. Building a Carport, Fence, Deck, Driveway, Pool or Shed? – Any new construction requires a City building permit before being built. All pools 24 inches or more in depth, including inflatable pools, must have a permit first. Contact Community Development at 816-630-0756.
  6. Brush Piles and Tree Limbs – Limbs that overhand the sidewalk, street or fence must be trimmed. Call Public Works at 816-630-0755 if you have questions about limbs in the rights-of-way of streets. Brush piles must be removed and properly disposed of.
  7. Residents’ Lawns – Lawns should not exceed 8 inches in height and be maintained all the way to the road. Undeveloped lots should not exceed 12 inches in height.
  8. Historic Districts – If you are making any changes in the Historic District, a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) is needed first through the Community Development Department. They can be reached at 816-630-0756.