Code Compliance

Code Compliance helps maintain and improve the quality of the community neighborhoods and commercial corridors through the enforcement of the City’s Codes. Additionally, we respond to customer complaints of potential code violations and initiate fair and unbiased enforcement action to correct those violations. Our goal is to achieve corrective action without the use of the court system.

What are common violations that can be easily avoided?

During the spring and summer months, the most common violation is the failure to maintain a yard with regular mowing of the yard. When grass and weeds reach a height of 8″, the property owner receives a notice that they must maintain their yard and are given 10 days to do so.

How to File a Complaint

Code Compliance complaints may be submitted online.

How We Respond to Complaints

When a complaint is received, a Code Enforcement Officer investigates the complaint to determine if a code violation exists. If evidence exists that a violation exists, the officer sends a notice to the responsible party. The party, when it is a first offense, is given time to correctly resolve the issue. The officer will continue to monitor the issue. Some cases, due to the nature of the complaint or the scope of the issue, will remain open for some time while staff works to resolve the issue.

If the violation is not resolved and when those violations continue, staff is forced to utilize the court system to resolve the issue.

Code Compliance Process – Download PDF Chart

Code Compliance Process Chart