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The Inspections Department, a division of Community Development, exists to ensure compliance with adopted building codes for new residential and commercial construction, as well as remodeling of existing structures. This is accomplished through education of the codes as well as enforcement via periodic inspections during construction. The department also enforces city code violations to provide a safe and clean environment for all Excelsior Springs residents.

• Residential and commercial building inspections
• Permit issuance
• Dangerous building enforcement
• Review of occupational licenses
• Inoperable vehicle enforcement
• Nuisance violations enforcement (weeds, debris, and property upkeep)

Building Inspection

The City of Excelsior Springs requires a building permit when you construct, enlarge, alter or demolish a structure. It is not required if your project is strictly cosmetic (flooring and drywall replacement). For more information on when work permits are not required, click here.

All inspections require 24 hour notice. Commercial projects will require much more thorough inspections, structural tests and special inspections. All permits issued by the City of Excelsior Springs or the State of Missouri to be posted on site until final approval given.

Permits are required for:
• Grading where applicable.
• Building, including room additions, remodeling, repairs, alterations, and demolition.
• All electrical, including replacement of services, breaker panels and temporary service, excluding maintenance and repair only.
• All plumbing including any extensions and sewer line to main, excluding maintenance and repair only.
• Heating and air conditioning, including replacement.
• Water and sewer taps.
• Signs
• Swimming pools
• Accessory buildings over 120 sq. ft.
• Fences over 6-ft. in height
• All roof work, siding and windows, retaining wall over 4-ft.
• Commercial refrigeration
• Fire suppression systems

Any permit required by the Building Codes shall be first obtained prior to the commencement of work on the buildings or structure, and in the case of new buildings or structures, commencement of work is hereby defined to be when the footings are ready to be poured. All proposed projects are subject to potential third party reviews depending on City Code requirements for the proposed project. Applicant is responsible for actual costs of all third party reviews for any part of any proposed development in addition to normal fees.

Review and Approval:
The City will review each application for a permit to determine its conformance with the provisions of the Code. Within thirty (30) days after receiving an application, the City shall approve the permit application; or approve the permit application subject to such reasonable conditions as may be necessary to secure substantially the objectives of this regular, and issue the permit subject to these conditions; or disapprove the permit application, including the deficiencies and the procedure for submitting a revised application and/or submission.

For complete information regarding development and permitting within the City of Excelsior Springs, download our Development Guide.

Regulations, Standards and Code Requirements
The City Code can be reviewed at the Hall of Waters, 201 East Broadway, or at the Mid-Continent Public Library, located at 1460 Kearney Road, or available for purchase online from the International Code Council.

Planning and Zoning Department:
• Zoning and Subdivision Regulations

Public Works Department:
• KCAPWA Adopted Standards for the City of Excelsior Springs, Standard Specifications and Design Criteria

Fire Department:
• 2018 International Fire Code

Inspection Department:
• 2018 International Building Code
• 2018 International Residential Code
• 2018 International Plumbing Code
• 2018 International Mechanical Code
• 2018 International Fuel Code
• 2017 National Electric Code
• 2018 International Existing Building Code
• 2018 International Property Maintenance Code
• 2018 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code