Police Chief

Gregory Dull was sworn into office as the Excelsior Springs Police Chief on January 3, 2022. Chief Dull comes to Excelsior Springs as a 31 year veteran of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department. He spent 10 years working in specialized units including the tactical response team, moving up the ranks as a sergeant and two stints as captain.

Chief Dull spent a number of years on patrol with the street crimes unit dealing with issues such as narcotics, gangs, illegal firearms, and working with the vice squad, which helped stop human trafficking and child pornography. As a major with the KCMO Police, Chief Dull served as director of their police academy for several years. During that time he spent 16 months as the Acting Deputy Chief overseeing their policy and procedures section, where his knowledge and understanding of crafting policies grew substantially.

Chief Dull plans for his first few months in Excelsior Springs to be observing, learning, and reading policies, and looking for gaps that could create liability for the department.