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Cemetery Care

The City strives to provide cemeteries that make our community proud of the resting place you have selected for your loved ones. Rules and regulations are posted on signage at the Cemetery and on our website for use, maintenance and governance of Hillcrest Cemetery and Crown Hill Cemetery.

Hillcrest Cemetery

There are many examples of cemeteries to be proud of, and others that have fallen into neglect. The picture above shows how nice our cemetery can look and the picture below is an example of how our job of keeping the cemetery looking beautiful is made difficult.

Cemetery Headstones illustration

This is a shout out for your help. We need to resolve two situations that are preventing us from adequately maintaining the property. One, the location of shepherd hooks, snag the workers as they are mowing and two, all the decorations that are left on the ground prevent us from weed eating properly. Collectively, this gives an overall appearance of neglect and drives the cost of maintenance up.

To keep it simple, if the decorations can be supported by the monument itself, it can stay, but if they are placed on or supported by the ground, please remove them. Your assistance is appreciated.

There are standards outlined on the website that are intended to ensure monuments are properly installed and will need minimal attention in the future.

Regarding ongoing maintenance, the city contracts for the general upkeep to include mowing, weed eating and debris removal on a regular basis. The city supplements this maintenance whenever possible.

Customarily, we schedule two seasonal clean up weeks, during April and October. During these times we ask that all decorations be removed unless in a permanent vase installed on the stone or foundation, in saddles on the stones or on Shepard’s hooks placed next to the foundation. Fresh cut flowers may be used at any time and will remain until, in the judgement of the Sexton, they become wilted/unsightly. Permanent containers shall be in-ground containers that do not hold water when not in use or the type placed upon the monuments or markers, such as vases or saddles. Temporary containers will be removed and disposed of when flowers are wilted/unsightly.

DO NOT use glass, clay, or pottery containers, pieces of wire or similar binding to secure baskets or pots at any time. This can create dangerous situations for staff performing maintenance duties. Potted plants, in an acceptable container, may be used and remain until the Sexton judges them to be unsightly. The Cemetery Sexton, without notice, may remove vegetation that has been planted on lots and not maintained.

We typically announce these two clean up weeks in advance, so family members can remove adornments during the cleanup.