Photo of Hillcrest Cemeterey

Fall Cemetery Clean-up will be held the week of October 21 – 25, 2019.
Please remove ALL decorations, flowers or mementos by October 20. You can return these items after October 25. The city wants to take every step possible to protect the valuables of its residents during the cemetery clean up.

To maintain the beauty and serenity of the Excelsior Springs cemeteries, the following rules and regulations have been established by the City of Excelsior Springs for the use, maintenance and governance of Hillcrest Cemetery and Crown Hill Cemetery.


The Sexton shall be given twenty-four (24) hours notice in the summer and forty-eight (48) hours notice in the winter prior to grave opening and preparation of the interment. All interments shall be in a concrete vault. All inurnments shall be made in a permanent non-biodegradable type container. All grave openings and closings shall be made under the direction of the Sexton. Persons ordering grave openings will be held responsible for payment per the established fees and charges.

Permits and Authorizations

No mausoleum, vault, monument or marker shall be placed in the cemetery until a written authorization has been issued by City and the lot owner’s agreement and guarantee have been filed with the Sexton. Plans and specifications of every design and samples of all materials to be used must be submitted and approved by the City prior to installation. The installation of all markers, monuments, vaults, mausoleums, vases and light fixtures is subject to the supervision of the Sexton.

Photo of Crown Hill CemeteryMonuments and Markers

All monuments and markers must be of marble, granite or bronze. The cemetery reserves the right to require a larger and deeper foundation if deemed essential for permanency and safety. No foundations may be smaller than one foot square. Additional regulations are as follows:

1. No foundation or digging before first consulting the Sexton.

2. All foundations must be of concrete with three parts sand/gravel and one part cement unless otherwise instructed by the Sexton.

3. Foundation must be at least 30″ deep.

4. Depth of foundation applies to overall size.

5. All markers at foot of graves must be ground level and without vases of any kind.

All setting of monuments and markers and the transportation of all tools, material, etc., within the cemetery grounds shall be subject to the supervision and control of the Sexton. The monument company under the supervision of the Sexton shall set all foundations. Monuments and markers will not be permitted on a lot until the lot is fully paid for. The Cemetery Board of the City of Excelsior Springs reserves the right to refuse permission to erect any memorial not in keeping with the good appearance of the cemetery grounds such as marble, cement, concrete and/or wood.

Hillcrest Cemetery – upright monuments are permitted only in Blocks A, B, C or D. Block E and parts of Block G are restricted to the use of only flat markers.


Complete architectural plans and specifications must be submitted to the City of Excelsior Springs upon application for a construction permit. Upon approval of the plans, a permit will be issued. Before a mausoleum is approved or constructed, a Trust Fund must be established with the Cemetery. The income from this Trust Fund will be used exclusively to maintain and care for the mausoleum. The amount of the fund will be determined by the City, but will not be less than 10 percent of the total cost of the lot and structure.

All mausoleums shall be centered on the lot and face the front of the lot. Upon completion of any vault in the mausoleum, one key to each lock must be deposited in the City Manager’s office, to remain permanently in the custody of the Cemetery. All remains must be in separate crypts, which can be hermetically sealed to cemetery regulations.

All mausoleums and monuments shall be set on foundations of solid masonry or concrete, which will not be less than four feet deep and not less in size than the base of the superstructure. All monument bases must be set in a bed of cement or mortar evenly covering the foundation. The first level of masonry above the foundation and all monument and other bases must be planed to an equal thickness. No building-up of underpinning with chips, rocks, cement or other material will be allowed. As a protection to lot owners and to guarantee the quality of work that is performed at the Cemetery, the cemetery reserves the right to excavate and build all foundations and to regular all work that is done in the cemetery.


Granite benches are permitted only if they are installed on a foundation in the space reserved for a monument. Benches will be considered a monument and will be subject to all rules applying to monuments.

Light Fixtures

With approval of the Sexton, battery or solar powered light fixtures may be placed on the stone, foundation, or immediately next to the foundation. A maximum of 2 light fixtures are allowed.


Uniformity throughout the Cemetery must be maintained in the construction materials used on each lot. Any stone which varies substantially in color, texture, material, cut, size or design will not be accepted. The exterior and above ground portion of a vault, mausoleum, monument, or marker shall be constructed of granite or standard government bronze.


All workers employed on projects within the cemetery are subject to the control and direction of the City. Workers must not place materials on adjoining lots of leave materials on the ground longer than is absolutely necessary. All earth and rubbish accumulated during lot improvements must be removed under the direction of the Sexton at the expense of the lot owner. No unnecessary delay in work is permitted. All work must be completed and rubbish removed before noon on Saturday and prior to any day preceding a holiday, except when special permission is obtained from the Sexton. No monuments may be set after 4:30 p.m.

Construction Season

The Cemetery reserves the right to halt all construction work between November 1 and April 15. Foundations will not be built during freezing weather.


No deliveries of construction materials, etc. will be accepted on Saturday, Sunday, holidays or days preceding a holiday.

Quality Control

Only markers, monuments, mausoleums, vases or light fixtures of acceptable design, materials, workmanship and durability are permitted. If defects and/or deficiences become apparent during installation, the work will be stopped and the defects/deficiences corrected. If corrections cannot be made, or if the lot owner does not correct them within a reasonable time, the entire structure will be removed by Cemetery’s management at the lot owner’s expense.


Lot owners are liable for any damage to adjoining lots or other property in the cemetery caused by construction work on mausoleums, monuments, markers, etc. Vandalism or damage caused by forces beyond the control of Cemetery is the responsibility of the individual lot owner.

Removal of Markers

No monument or marker may be removed without an authorized written consent order on file in the City Manager’s office.

Cemetery Clean up

All decorations will be removed from cemetery two weeks following Memorial Day unless in a permanent vase installed on the stone or foundation, in saddles on the stones or on Shepard’s hooks placed next to the foundation. Spring clean up will run during the third full week of April. Fall clean up will run during the third full week of October. During this time all decorations will be disposed of, even those that are placed in vases, saddles or Shepard’s hooks.

Trees, Shrubs, and Flowers

All landscaping, including the planting of trees and shrubs, will be done by the cemetery, unless the Excelsior Springs Cemetery Board has given special permission. Fresh cut flowers may be used at any time and will remain until, in the judgement of the Sexton, they become wilted/unsightly. Permanent containers shall be in-ground containers that do not hold water when not in use or the type placed upon the monuments or markers, such as vases or saddles. Temporary containers will be removed and disposed of when flowers are wilted/unsightly.

DO NOT use glass, clay, or pottery containers, pieces of wire or similar binding to secure baskets or pots at any time. This can create dangerous situations for staff performing maintenance duties. Potted plants, in an acceptable container, may be used and remain until the Sexton judges them to be unsightly. The Cemetery Sexton, without notice, may remove vegetation that has been planted on lots and not maintained.

Rules for Visitors

• The Cemetery is open to visitors at all times between the hours of sunrise and sunset. Permission to enter the cemetery at any other time must be obtained from the Sexton or police department.
• Persons or picnic parties with refreshments will not be allowed in the cemetery.
• Firearms will not be allowed at the cemetery, except at military funerals.
• Visitors are required to use the walks and drives and are forbidden to trespass on cemetery lots; pick any flowers (either wild or cultivated); injure any shrub, tree or plant; or mar or deface any monument, stone or structure in the cemetery.
• Vehicles traveling in the cemetery shall proceed at a speed not to exceed fifteen (15) mph.
• The Cemetery prohibits spreading of ashes above ground.
• Snowmobiles are not allowed in the cemetery.