City Manager

Welcome to Excelsior Springs!

On behalf of the City Council and the team of dedicated professionals we strive to provide quality public services to our community. Be welcomed, comfortable, stay awhile, forever.

Excelsior Springs’ unique history began with the discovery of its mineral waters; founded in 1880 the city grew as a destination for healing waters. Its numerous mineral wells attracted people nationally to come experience “America’s Haven of Health.” The City used its special features to grow and prosper well into the 1960s when ch,anges in medical science caught up with the city. The city’s economy was forever changed but not its unique beauty, character, and history.

Our Community began a journey to become excellent at the end of 2016 through the Communities of Excellence 2026 initiative. As we are learning a process to make decisions that extend beyond our individual organizations and create a process for our community, we have adopted this mission statement:

Working in harmony to create a thriving, sustainable community for all generations.

We considered that our historic downtown is the stage for many of our community events and happenings, so is our new Community Center located on the School Campus on the west side of town. Likewise we are wealthy in relationships between those who have lived in the community for decades and those who have just recently moved here. Our economy is blessed to have our own hospital that continues our tradition of wellness and our new Community Center presents the ability to create healthy lifestyles for all ages.

Our built environment provides our residents and visitors with an opportunity to create a life of quality; but it is our people who are dedicated to bring these facilities alive, striving to create programs and activities that meet the needs of the whole community, young or old.

We can be proud of the people of Excelsior Springs that forever blaze a trail to make our community better and of the places in Excelsior Springs that matter to us.

In December 1921, voters in the City of Excelsior Springs adopted the City Manager form of government, becoming the first city in the State of Missouri to formally adopt this style of governing.