Our History: What It’s All About

Photo New Hall of Waters Museum Area

A new museum area inside the Hall of Waters was recently opened to the public to provide an in-depth look at the city’s mineral water history.

“I’m glad we were able to do this,” said Building Supervisor TR Kennedy, pictured above, who acted as curator for the project. “Instead of people just coming and seeing a spa that’s empty, they can come and learn about our town, where we come from, and make them interested in history again, because that’s what it is all about.”

The museum provides a history on each of the mineral waters found in Excelsior Springs, photos of the many pavilions and pagodas, historic maps, and a video interview with David Lodwick, whose father, John, was instrumental in the building of the Hall of Waters as a WPA project. Also included in the museum tour is the women’s bath department in its original state.

A self-guided tour of the town’s history is also available for Hall of Waters visitors in the Hall of Springs. The two-story solarium features the world’s longest water bar and serves as the Visitor Center to the community.