If You Haven’t Been Asked Already, Volunteer!

Photo City Volunteers in Pocket Park
The City of Excelsior Springs recognizes city volunteers during April with a City Appreciation Day. Pictured above, a group of volunteers gathered in the downtown area to focus on a Fishing River cleanup, sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department.

Hundreds of community residents gather throughout the year to help the city with projects that provide quality of life outcomes locally, as well as to serve on citizen boards and commissions. Most recently, a plea was shouted out to the community to help provide hot meals to shut-ins receiving Meals on Wheels.

When Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) made a change in programming from delivering a hot meal daily to frozen meals delivered weekly, both for the Senior Center and homebound residents, local residents began work to reinstate the hot meals. The Meals on Wheels Program is coordinated through the Senior Center, located at the Community Center. If anyone is interested in volunteering or donating to the program, click here to download a Volunteer Application.

If you are interested in becoming a city volunteer, submit our online volunteer application form.

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If you are interested in serving on a board or commission, please select:
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Your skills are valuable! Please take a moment to tell us about them. Indicate your education or occupation or special training you may provide.

How important do you think it is to have the following in your community?

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Missouri law prohibits appointment by a public officer or employee, of any close relative to any public office or employment.

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