Making memories in Excelsior Springs

Are you ready to make some memories? Well you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Excelsior Springs, our simple community rich in memorymaking resources!

I’m referencing the book “Living Simple Community” by Rich Luker in which the author describes a ‘simple community’ as PEOPLE taking TIME to gather together in a PLACE suited to enjoying each other. These people bring the RESOURCES needed to have fun. The best times give rise to STORIES that they tell again and again. When they are really lucky, something happens that creates a TRADITION, which begs to be repeated.

The very origin of Excelsior Springs as a tourist attraction meets the description of a Simple Community. Back in the day, as people were involved in hard physical work and medical advances were emerging, Excelsior Springs filled the gap by providing rest and relaxation… and FUN.

When I travel, I inevitably bump into someone who tells me a story from when they visited Excelsior Springs. There is no shortage of Excelsior Springs stories and tradition, and the tales carry far and wide.

But our simple community isn’t content with past stories and generations of enjoyment. The people of Excelsior Springs continue to build new places to attract future generations who plan to gather together, ideally suited to enjoy time together. City and business leaders are working together to create and maintain the PLACES you will visit. Our residents and organizations provide RESOURCES and PURPOSE for your visit. And when you do visit our community, we only ask that you share your stories with us. If your stories create a memory, or better yet, a TRADITION, then we have achieved our goal.

Many years ago, I chose the Elms Hotel for my wedding. My family and friends all traveled from near and far and stayed at the hotel. After thirty something years, I still hear stories from that weekend remembering joyful moments, so much so, I am returned to that day often. Today, Excelsior Springs is the number one wedding venue in the metropolitan area. And more so today than thirty-something years ago, our community has a larger variety of venues to chose from, so no matter what your wedding style is, you will find the ingredients for your remarkable experience.

If you’re new to Excelsior Springs, or visited years ago, you’ll be delighted to experience some of our newest locations: Luna Valley Park, Fox Crossing Trail, Joy Street Boardwalk, Get Fit Park, and our Community Center.

New and improved locations include: Century Park, Siloam Mountain Trail and our Senior Center located inside the new Community Center.

If you prefer the history, you’ll enjoy Excelsior’s oldies but goodies: our memorial airport, the Hall of Waters and historical museum, Jim Piburn Ball Field, Siloam Mountain Park, Linear Park, Paul Craig Park, Sunnyside Park, Isley Park and Woods Trail.

Future projects and our emerging stars include a new Golf Course clubhouse, a dog park, a splash park, Milwaukee Park and an outdoor aquatics facility at the Community Center.

Our goal is to be the venue for your remarkable experiences. Remarkable experiences change a person’s life. They are never forgotten. They produce stories that you enjoy telling over and over again with a fond emotional connection to a time and place.

Welcome to Excelsior Springs. Let us help you make memories of a lifetime.

— Molly McGovern, City Manager