New Business Expansion

Economic Development Director for the City of Excelsior Springs Melinda Mehaffy said that the city’s achievements can be traced back to three elements: Place, events, and people.

“The Community Center has become a magnet for people and we so many good things coming out of the Community Center,” she said. “The events being put together by the DEP have been outstanding. To see the number of people and the dollars being generated based on these events is outstanding, and helps the community overall be successful.”

“We are so very fortunate to have so many people in this community who are making good things happen,” Mehaffy added. “As a small community, we have a number of people who are giving of their time, talents and treasures to push good things forward, and to encourage partnerships and programs that grow our community.”

“The people are what make Excelsior Springs someplace, not just ‘any place.’ It’s the piece of everything we do that makes us stand out and be unique. We are very fortunate,” she concluded.