Project Grant Application

FY 2023 Project Grant Application

The Community Grant program was designed to support community-based projects for new and developing organizations as well as established organizations that work on a project basis, and support organizations undertaking a special, one-time initiative.  The proposed projects must assist the City accomplish strategic goals listed below.

Downtown Development – maintain role as the city’s image center and core of civic life. Economic any physical development initiatives will combine to conserve and enhance this unique district.

Economic Development – promote and encourage economic development activities that capitalize on community assets, support the needs of present and future residents, and strive to ensure a stable and diverse economic base.

Growth and Land Use – grow as a unified community through attractive and sustainable land development.

Housing and neighborhood revitalization – preserve housing stock and offer a variety of safe, affordable housing alternatives in attractive neighborhoods.

Human services – convene providers of human services to improve critical services and help residents in need, and move clients toward self-sufficiency and economic independence.

Recreation and Community Wellness – become healthier city by providing attractive recreation resources to residents and visitors, and providing infrastructure that encourages physical activity.

Tourism – improve balance of trade by establishing a regional destination, capitalizing on the historical and commercial assets of the city.

City Staff are available to review your application prior to the deadline.  Answer all questions on the form concisely and include all of the requested supporting materials – use the provided checklist to ensure that your application is complete.  All recipients of the City of Excelsior Springs Project Grant will be required to submit a Post Project/Event Form within 30 days of the completed project.  All applicants must submit their application by the deadline and all applicants will be notified of awards prior to the grant fiscal year beginning on October 1st of the corresponding year.  Please direct all questions regarding the Project Grants to Susan Conyers, 816-630-0752 or  Submit completed applications to:

City of Excelsior Springs, Attn: Molly McGovern, 201 E. Broadway, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Disclaimer: Successful grant applications will be made public.  Please note to further our goal of open and transparent government, the City of Excelsior Springs will publish all successful grant applications on our public website.  To protect the confidentiality of your organization and volunteers, the applicant information, the declaration and supporting documentation for each grant will not be included on the website.

Project Grant Program Guidelines

Objective of the Project Grant Program
To encourage projects that contribute to community life of the City of Excelsior Springs

Who May Apply
Excelsior Springs based non-profit organizations

Eligible Community Projects must …
• Meet current conditions and criteria
• Request partial funding with balance coming from partnerships and fundraising activities undertaken by the applicant
• Show specific benefit to the City and its residents
• Be completed within the current city fiscal year
• Support strong social and community values and not be offensive to others

Types of Eligible Projects
• New or special programs, events and initiatives
• Community workshops or seminars
• Seed money for new initiatives
• Specialized equipment

Types of Projects NOT Eligible
• Ongoing operating expenses for organizations
• Travel
• Direct grants to individual residents
• For-profit organizations
• Projects based in other municipalitiess

Payment of Grants/Evaluation
• Funding will be forwarded upon completion of project and receipt of acceptable verification of payment and expenses, along with a brief report/evaluation – please use the Post Project/Event Form.
• Grants are paid upon receipt of validation that expenditures have been made relating to the approved project (e.g. receipts, registration confirmation, cancelled checks).
• Receipts can be submitted for reimbursement at any time during the current fiscal year (October 1 – September 30).
• The final deadline for submission of receipts and evaluations is within 30 days following completion or September 30 of the award year. Receipts submitted after September 30th or past 30 days following project completion will not be reimbursed.

The Project Grant Program is designed to encourage projects which contribute to community life of Excelsior Springs.

Submit online form below, download the PDF Document or download Word Document.

    Section A - Organization Information

    3. Enter the organization's contact information.

    5. Please indicate how many consecutive years you have received grant funding for this project.

    6. Are you the primary contact for this request?

    Section B - Project/Initiative Information

    4. Please indicate which of the following areas best relate to your project.

    Section C - Grant Request

    3. Please attach a project budget (incomplete applications will be discarded and not receive consideration for funding), indicating the total cost of projected expenses along with the corresponding allocation of cash and in-kind donations of goods/services. Please also include a projection or project revenues, indicating the total number of revenue with corresponding sources.

    Please note the following expenses are INELIGIBLE. If you are unclear about the eligibility of an expense, please consult with City Staff:

    Music or Performing Rights
    Staffing (wages)
    City Facility Rentals
    Ongoing Operating Expenses
    Cash Prizes
    Grants to Other Organizations
    Alcohol or Tobacco Purchases

    4. Applicant awarded funds in prior year are ineligible to apply in the current year if Post Project/Event Form was delinquent. Funding requested shall not exceed 50% of available funds. Applicants receiving funds three years in a row are asked to sit out one year before submitting an application again.

    5. Calculate the demonstrated financial need:

    6. Project Timeline:

    Project Performance Period: October 1, 2022 - September 30, 2023
    Applications Awards Announced: October 17, 2022
    Application Deadline: September 15, 2022
    Application Invitation Live: August 8, 2022
    Application Sent to Organizations that have expressed interest: August 2, 2022

    Supporting Documentation Checklist

    Project Grant funds dispersed by the City of Excelsior Springs will be dispersed upon completion of the Post Project/Event Form within 30 days of the completed project or initiative. The City of Excelsior Springs is willing to disperse a total of 25% of the allocated funds if needed in advance of the event for the event to occur. If the allocated funds are not used or if the Post Project/Event Form is not properly completed and submitted within 30 days of the event, the grant will be withheld. If you are facing challenges carrying out your project, please contact City Staff.


    This declaration is to be signed by two signing officers of your organization.

    We certify to the best of our knowledge that the information provided in this application is accurate, complete and endorsed by the group we represent.

    We agree to acknowledge the financial support of the City of Excelsior Springs and understand that there is no commitment on the party of the City of Excelsior Springs to provide ongoing funding for the funded project.

    We agree to complete the Post Project/Event Form.

    We agree to submit proof of payment of all expenses to substantiate this grant request upon completion of the project (e.g. receipts, cancelled checks, and invoices which indicate verification of payments).

    We agree that the project must be completed within the funding fiscal year approved.

    We understand that the information about an applicant’s operations is collected for the purpose of adjudicating the application and for administrative purposes.

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