Recreational Marijuana Tax

Vote Tuesday, April 4th


  • November 2022, Missouri voters approved constitutional amendment allowing sales of recreational marijuana at licensed facilities.
  • A 3% city sales tax on recreational marijuana purchases in Excelsior Springs will be on the April 4th ballot.
  • If approved, the tax would ONLY apply to recreational marijuana.
  • The City sales tax rate remains the same on all other purchases.

Why is the Tax needed?

The short answer is to KEEP PEOPLE SAFE, our first responders will receive an increase in calls for services. Because Missouri is not the first state to legalize recreational marijuana for adults, we can prepare for the problems that were encountered by those states who legalized before Missouri. Based on the experiences of the 18 states that have legalized recreational marijuana before Missouri, areas of concern are:

  • Traffic fatalities and impaired driving
  • Increased number of ER visits, hospitalizations, and suicide incidents
  • Calls to poison control related to marijuana exposure for children ages 5 and younger
  • Black market investigations, felony arrests, postage system trafficking and
  • Societal impacts including and increase in violent crimes.

How is the proposed tax calculated on a common purchase?

If a common purchase is 3.5 grams and the cost per gram is $10, the retail sale would cost $35 plus 3% local marijuana sales tax of $1.05 on this sale ($35 x .03 = $1.05). Other taxes apply.

What can the tax revenue do to address these concerns?

  • Examples of public expenses related to these areas of concern are:
  • First responder training to identify drug impaired drivers to keep roadways safe
  • Prevention education and awareness aimed at youth to reduce juvenile arrests, school suspension and health related ailments related to illegal drug use and possession
  • Public health and safety agency resources to better respond to an increased demand for services; such as unreimbursed ambulance and medical services; police investigations and response to an increase in calls for service
  • Resources to abate chronic neighborhood nuisances related to illegal drug activity. Neighbors living near drug houses experience conflicts that require repeated city intervention by police and code enforcement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is recreational marijuana?

  • In November 2022, Missouri voters passed a constitutional amendment allowing the sale and use of marijuana for personal use for those ages 21 and over.
  • The state will charge a 6% tax on legal purchase of recreational marijuana. In addition, cities and counties have the option to charge a sales tax of up to 3% with voter approval.

What’s on the Ballot?

  • QUESTION 1 – Shall the City of Excelsior Springs impose a sales tax of 3% on the retail sale of adult use non-medical marijuana to be used for public safety and drug abuse prevention purposes?

Who pays the recreational marijuana sales tax?

  • Only people purchasing recreational marijuana in Excelsior Springs at a state-licensed store would pay the proposed 3% city sales tax.

How much revenue could the recreational marijuana tax bring to Excelsior Springs?

  • Estimates are $150,000 annually.

When does recreational marijuana take effect?

  • Licensed dispensaries began selling recreational marijuana as early as February 6th.

How many dispensaries are in Excelsior Springs?

  • Excelsior Springs currently has one comprehensive facility selling medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana.

Vote Tuesday, April 4th