Water Service Line Inventory

To our Valued Customers,

Lead in drinking water has long been a concern and has been closely monitored for years. The revision to the regulation (passed in 2021) aims to better protect children and communities from lead exposure. This new revision to the regulation requires all water systems in the United States to determine what service line material is being used between the main and the meter and the service line material being used between the meter, and the shut off valve, typically located inside the house or structure. This is where your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Below is a short questionnaire. We kindly request that it be completed, submitted online, or download questionnaire and return to our office. If possible, a photo of the service line where it comes into the house or structure would be very helpful. You can email the completed questionnaire and photo to: eslpapm@gmail.com, mail it to our office using the address above Attention: Project Manager, or drop it by our office when paying your bill. The photo can also be texted to 816-826-8198. If it is sent by text, please include the account number, location ID found on your water bill, or address of the location.

If this is a location where there is no residence, please indicate the service line material to the meter pit or wherever the water flows out of, if known. If there is no service line running from the meter, please indicate it as N/A.

This is a huge undertaking by the country’s water systems and that is why we greatly appreciate your participation in helping us meet this new requirement. We must report to the Dept. of Natural Resources the service line material from the water main to the entry point of the house or structure. With over 4400 meters, this will be a lengthy process and it must be completed by October of 2024. The information you provide will be used to identify and inventory the customer side of the meter. As we proceed through this process, we realize that the only way to identify some service line material will be by excavating around the meter pit.

If you want to learn more about this new requirement, you can go to: dnr.mo.gov/water/ business-industry-other-entities/technical-assistance-guidance/lead-service-lines

Thank you very much for helping your water district comply with this new EPA and MoDNR regulation. If you have any questions or need assistance in filling out the questionnaire, please contact our office at 816-630-0750.

City of Excelsior Springs Administration, Council, and Staff