Procedures and Practices for Defense Attorneys

We understand courts operate differently so in order to better assist attorneys practicing within the Excelsior Springs Municipal Division, we have adopted the following Procedures and Practices. 


The Excelsior Springs Municipal Division went live on Show-Me Courts (SMC) November 18th, 2021. This means that cases filed after that date will be available to view on CaseNet and attorneys will be required to eFile all documents.

Please keep in mind that not all cases will be available on SMC as some cases are grandfathered in to the old court operating system. Cases disposed through January, 2022 will not be part of the conversion.

•COURT COSTS: We collect $33.50 court costs on all cases except for DWI/BAC, no seat belt charges and no helmet/protective headgear as instructed by Rule 37.

$  12.00 – Court Costs ($1 retained for JEF)

$    7.50 – Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund surcharge (CVCF)

$    2.00 – Law Enforcement Training Fund surcharge (LETF)

$    1.00 – Police Officer Standards and Training Fund surcharge (POST)

$    2.00 – Domestic Violence Shelter fee (SH)

$    2.00 – Inmate Security Fund surcharge (IS)

$    2.00 – Court Automation Fee (Show-Me Courts)   

$  33.50

•RECOUPMENT FEES: We have three levels of recoupment fees on DWI arrests:

$100.00        –           Recoupment (breath test)

$200.00        –           Recoupment (blood test)

$350.00        –           Recoupment (expanded blood test)

•CONTINUANCES: No continuances will be granted after 4:00 pm on the Monday prior to the court date.

•FINGERPRINTING: Fingerprinting is ordered according to State guidelines and is based off of the ORIGINAL charge. If your defendant has not been fingerprinted, please bring them to Court so their prints can be obtained.

•ATTORNEY DOCKETS: Attorney dockets start at 4:00 pm. The Prosecutor is available to meet with attorneys on a first come, first serve basis. Please be sure to obtain copies of ticket(s) and police report(s) prior to meeting with the Prosecutor as he does not have access to the Court file. This will be helpful to utilize when meeting with the Prosecutor.

Once you have met with the Prosecutor, inform the Bench Clerk that you are ready to proceed and provide her with the signed plea agreements/probation orders (if applicable).

•POLICE REPORTS: Police reports must be requested through Police Records. Please obtain these prior to court night. Police Records: 816.629.7110

•PLEA AGREEMENTS: ALL plea agreements require the Judge’s approval and must go before the Judge. Be sure all parties have signed any plea agreements prior to giving it to the Bench Clerk.

•PLEA BY MAIL/MAIL-IN AMENDMENTS: The Prosecutor only meets with attorneys the night of court and does not offer “Plea by Mail” or “Mail-in Amendments” or accept emails/phone calls outside of court.

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