Ongoing Work

In addition to administering the Certificate of Appropriateness process for property owners in designated historic districts, the ESHPC continues ongoing education, survey and designation for the identification and protection of historic properties in the City of Excelsior Springs.

Aerial downtown Excelsior Springs, MissouriSURVEYS AND GUIDELINES


Historic Preservation and Revitalization Plan
This plan provides a strategy for using heritage properties in the City of Excelsior Springs to enhance the quality of life for the community and promote revitalization of its downtown and older residential neighborhoods. These resources can be important components of community development. However, there are challenges that must be addressed for the potential benefits to be fully realized. This document sets forth a plan of action that will help place historic resources in the forefront of the health and well-being of the City.

Survey Outcomes and Recommendations, Phase I

Historic Mineral Water Resources
A study of the 40 historic mineral water wells, springs and pavilions.

Historic Resources Survey, Phase II
Hall of Waters District and Central Place District property surveys.

Elms District National Register Nomination

Boarding House Historic District Surveys
Boarding House Historic District Plan
District Workbook

Isley Boulevard Neighborhood Surveys
Isley Boulevard Neighborhood Architectural Survey Report

Parks and Parkways
Including the Excelsior Springs Golf Course.

2010 GPRA Report
2008 GPRA Report
2007 GPRA Report
Baseline Questionnaire

These projects are funded by the State of Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Divison of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation by grants under provisions of the Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended, from the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior and the City of Excelsior Springs, Missouri.