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Excelsior Springs Historic Preservation Workshops

Video – Window Repair Workshop

Video – Maintenance and Repair of Historic Masonry Buildings

Uncover the story behind your older or historic home, National Trust for Historic Preservation

Article – “10 Ways to Research Your Home’s History”

Save The Windows, National Trust for Historic Preservation

Article – “13 Things You Should Know About Retrofitting Historic Windows”

Article – “Old Windows Finds a Following”

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National Park Service Preservation Briefs

Reference Documents

Section 106 User’s Guide
Federal Historic Preservation Case Law, 1966-2000
ACHP Case Digest—Protecting Historic Properties: Section 106 in Action
Protecting Historic Properties: A Citizen’s Guide to Section 106 Review
ACHP Staff Directory
National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, As Amended
The Missouri Guide to the National Register Process
How to Apply the National Register Criteria for Evaluation
Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties: 36 CFR Part 68
Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation
Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for Archeology and Historic Preservation
National Register Publications
National Park Service History & Culture

Program Websites

Clay County National Register
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
Preserve America
National Register of Historic Places
National Park Service Tribal Preservation Program
National Park Service Archeology and Ethnography Program
Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) Tribal Point of Contact Database
Technical Preservation Services for Historic Buildings
National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers
National Conference of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers
National Trust for Historic Preservation

Bob Yapp Preservation Resources, Inc.
Bob Yapp was a featured speaker during the 2015 Historic Preservation Workshop, sponsored by the ESHPC and funded in part by a grant from the Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources, State Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service, U.S. Dept. of Interior. Sponsors included STRATA Architecture & Preservation, Inn on Crescent Lake, Kevin Morgan Photography, and The Blauvelt Law Firm.

Preservation Doesn’t Cost — It Pays
Creating a Preservation Ethic
Neighborhood Revitalization Strategies
Preservation Oriented Rehab Investment in Small Town American