Bus System Provides Quality of Life

The City of Excelsior Springs bus system travels over 23,000 miles, transporting 12,400 passengers annually. The transportation system is made possible with grant funding through the Missouri Department of Transportation, which earlier this year, helped fund the purchase of a new 12-passenger van with ramp equipped expansion. The new vehicle allows an expansion of city service to operate additional hours.

There are approximately 100 passengers of the general public who are totally dependent on our transportation system on a daily basis. This includes going to work, seeking employment, receiving medical care, essential shopping, and educational needs. Most of the City’s lower income families reside in an area not occupied by businesses or medical facilities. Our passengers ride our system to stay independent.

The City employee’s one full time Transportation Coordinator, one full time bus driver, and four part time bus drivers. For more about the Excelsior Springs Transportation Department, click here.