Curbside Recycling

Confusion is causing a lot of unacceptable materials to end up in curbside recycling bins. We are providing a handy Dos and Don’ts for residents to know what is and is not recyclable in their curbside bins. Download the flyer at Recycle More, Recycle Better.

Things to Keep in Mind:

• Contamination in our recycle has become a big issue in America. As a result, it is important to not put your recyclables in plastic bags. Each item you recycle is handled by workers at the recycling center who have to tear open each bag in order to process the contents. Please leave your recycle items loose in the cart.

• The equipment used at recycling centers seperates “flats” (paper) from “rounds” (containers). When you flatten containers like juice cartons, the equipment mistakenly sends these items to the paper side of the facility, significantly contaminating the paper meant to be recycled.

• Shredded paper should not go in your recycle, as it falls through the cracks of the shorting machines and sticks to the belts.

• Frozen food containers, such as pizza and entrees, have a plastic polymer sprayed on them to protect against freezer burn. This coating prevents the box from breaking up in the recycle process OR becoming compostable.

Recycle Better 2023