Flushing Guidance for Reopening Buildings

As we move forward this week, read over guidance on improving water quality in vacant buildings in your drinking water system.

The Environmental Science, Policy & Research Institute (ESPRI) has developed this brief guidance material to help those who are responsible for maintaining building water systems. As buildings have been shut down or used less frequently, building water quality degradation becomes a silent but serious issue. This document is meant as a starting point to bring awareness of the issue of water quality degradation in building plumbing when it is not used, or water use is significantly reduced. Each building is different, and flushing will need to be tailored accordingly.

Additionally, EPA has released guidance on flushing:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed flushing guidelines that public water systems, building owners, building managers and businesses may find useful for minimizing water stagnation from extended building closures. Flushing of stagnant plumbing is important to ensure a building’s water quality remains safe to drink or use for domestic or commercial purposes. For more information, including a checklist, visit website.