Lodwick Commercial Buildings

Rob and Kim Meadows opened The Mug Coffee Shop in the center storefront.


The removal of fake stone siding on 120 E. Broadway was a great start to the restoration of a historic building located in a strategic location directly across from the National Register listed Hall of Waters. Although the alteration does not fully restore the building to its former design, it does improve the building substantially. The removal of the fake rock exposed windows that have been covered for almost 40 years, and the design of the wood below the windows ties the building in with other buildings in the district.

This two-part commercial block building has elements of the Victorian Commercial style on the second story.

Additional work approved by the commission included repair to the three-sided oriel on the east side of the building, replacement of second story windows, and new paint.


As indicated by the stone panel on the front, this structure was built in 1902. In 1905, 116 was a furniture store, 118 was a grocer, and 120 was a drug store. By 1908, 116 was also a grocer. Upstairs, Craven & McRorey Real Estate and Insurance had an office, as did Bell Central Telephone. By this time, 116 was the Knox Bath House. In 1922, 118 E. Broadway became the offices of Dr. C. P. Bartley. In the 1950’s the building housed the Lodwick Law Offices, which remains today. It is a contributing element to the National Register and local historic districts.

Before exterior renovation
After renovation